Mr. George Dallas

Dir. R & D Led

George Dallas Ph.D. is a native of Niantic, CT. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1992 with a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary material science and engineering (MESC). He initially worked in industry and then on his own doing polymer research and development, while also managing a polymer characterization lab for one of his employers. His hands-on experience is from intellectual property to sales of disruptive products. The core of his work focuses on solving difficult systems problems that include elastomers or plastics. To accomplish this he has developed a technique called structured research. This methodical approach includes both the part and the system to increase the likelihood of success. This approach is further refined by following the input energy to understand what needs to be optimized, the material, structure, or both. This approach has been used in many areas such as • Military • Medical • Aerospace • Electronics • Legal and • Consumer Products The core of his talent is in elastomers for highly loaded dynamic applications and he continues to work on more challenging projects.