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Our Quick Response to COVID 19: Providing 600k N95 Masks

When COVID hit, Carroll International's President, Byron Carroll in his nature, wanted to see how he could again serve our country. As a result, we pivoted to providing PPE. Tony Piacente, one of our Senior Vice Presidents, immediately started reaching out to the Feds, focusing mostly on the DoD and Dept of VA. The Feds were procuring 3M N95 masks, but 3M could not keep up with supply, so we offered Makrite NIOSH/FDA 510k approved N95 masks. We sent samples to the Dept of VA in VISN 7, they approved them and bought 600K units, for over seven locations.

We had 45 days to deliver the complete order of 600k masks to over 7 different locations.

The VA’s hospital staff needed these masks as a way to minimize Covid spread, and the N95, or higher, masks are the only masks proven to minimize the spread of Covid. These are 510k approved, which means they are the very best and block saliva and blood splatter from getting through the mask. We believed that Carroll International was the best option for this contract because we could provide the masks in a timely manner. Not only that but, the masks provided by us met all of the certifications required by our government. We also had Past Performance inside the Dept of VA, so we were credible and someone they could trust.

Carroll International had the masks shipped from overseas, directly from the manufacturer, who agreed to drop ship to each location. It took a lot of coordination from us, our supplier, their US shipper, and the Manufacturer. It was not a smooth completion, as one shipment got lost and our supplier had to refill that order, which is the shipment that arrived on the last day. Obviously, these masks had to go through Customs, and there was a hold up there, because of the rampant fake masks being sold around the World. There were plenty of hurdles and shipping 600K masks over 7 locations in 45 days is really hard to accomplish in itself.

The supplier and Tony Piacente were up late nights and early mornings until this was complete. Tony took on this contract and was successfully able to coordinate this contract and provide 600,000 masks across several different locations within the allotted 45 days. We did receive a contractor performance assessment report (CPAR) as a result of this contract. Due to the hard work and dedication expressed by Tony, we were able to receive a quality and management score of Satisfactory!

As a result of the on-going pandemic, Carroll International has also supplied N95 masks to the Dept of Energy, other VA VISN’s, and State, Local, Educational, and Commercial institutions. This is a prime example of how Carroll International's team is willing to go to extra mile to provide excellent products and services to our costumers!

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