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Supplying and Integrating 11 VA Conference Rooms in Alaska

In 2018, Carroll Woods Inc D.B.A Carroll International was awarded a $392,000 contract for the Veterans Administration (VA) Healthcare System in Anchorage, Alaska for the completion of 11 conference rooms. Senior Vice President, Tony Piacente’s team was the tip of the spear for this contract capture and managed the installation progress from start to finish.

We provided audiovisual equipment, supplies, complete integration, and maintenance for 11 conference rooms. Not only that, but we integrated government-furnished video conferencing (VTC) equipment and microphones into rooms as well. As a result, we created a complete turnkey fully integrated audiovisual (AV) and VTC solution for this VA location.

The Alaska VA Healthcare System greatly benefited from our products and services.

These new state-of-the-art conference rooms improved their mode and quality of communication. They were also able to decrease travel costs, provide more personal interaction among people and connect with various teams, companies and divisions inside or outside of their company. More people were allowed to attend important meetings which improved productivity, built relationships, and allowed for real-time sharing of information and collaboration. Finally, the new conference rooms allow the ability to have impromptu meetings quickly, remote workforce, increase training capabilities, and allow you to record and archive conferences, for later viewing.

This was a key contract for Carroll International for the following facts: We proved that we could handle a major installation of AV and VTC equipment. Corporately based in North Carolina, our D.C office managed and facilitated operations in Anchorage Alaska despite a 4 hour time difference. The contract; lastly it was an honor to serve the VA and by extension the veteran population.

This contract was a Service-disabled, veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) set aside. We are proud to say that Carroll International is a certified SDVOSB business and we recently were recertified by the VA. Because of the location, we were one of a few contractors able to not have any logistics issues performing work at this location. Carroll International was prepared and capable of meeting the needs of this contract regardless of it being located in Anchorage, Alaska. Now, our team has an outstanding and seasoned AV integration reputation, as well as a great reputation for doing business with the VA. Thank you VA for the work and we will stand behind our product.

We are currently seeking new opportunities to serve in this same capacity. We offer the bleeding edge of technologies for our government and our allies as well. Commercial customers are always welcome. We thank the VA for its business and as veterans ourselves, we are so proud to have served the warfighter community.

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